04 Texas Travelers Gold - ASA Girls Select Softball Team

So for the last four weeks, tournaments have been rained out leaving countless numbers of kids disappointed not getting to compete for the title of weekends best! However, after reading the social media wires, I think parents are as disappointed as the kids if not more.

Those of us who have kids who play sports (my kids are currently playing select baseball and softball) have weekends that revolve around traveling North Texas and places like Gulf Shores, Panama Beach, Orlando, Oklahoma City, Houston, Normal, Illinois and other great places in the United States. A local tournament for me usually consist of playing in a city just over an hour from where we live.

1We spend thousands of dollars every year just in travel alone. That doesn’t even include equipment, lodging, team fees, hitting & pitching lessons, or food. We leave work early and sometimes unfinished. We slack off on taking…

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