With our Grand Opening happening this Saturday, I wanted to take a minute to share how it all got started.

Prowler sprints for speed training in Charlotte, NC

Helping athletes train in a place like ULTIMATE ATHLETE has been a goal of mine since I started doing sports performance training over 9 years ago.  I always felt like I could create a program, a culture really, for athletes that was one of a kind.  My vision was to have athletes from 13 years old to professional all training under one roof to become bigger, stronger and faster. For me, several components were critical:

  • We would focus on speed and strength training equally–high performance demands both.
  • The program would work for different ages training at the same time–younger athletes would push themselves and maybe hang in there with a collegiate or professional player.
  • It had to be about the athletes and what is best for them.  All programs can be customizable so athletes are getting exactly what…

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