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As coaches, parents, and teachers, we do our best to provide youth athletes with the best possible resources to stay healthy, excel in activities they love, and develop life long habits. Part of doing just that is staying informed with up to date science and a second part is recognizing the myths and putting them to rest. Until recently, resistance training and “weightlifting”, defined differently by the UKSCA’s (United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association) position statement on youth resistance training, has been recognized as detrimental to children and their ability to grow and develop. As of today, there is limited research supporting this myth if any. The benefits of introducing and progressing youth athletes through an age appropriate resistance and weightlifting program are limitless and outweigh any risks associated. Along with the UKSCA’s position statement, the NSCA’s (National Strength and Conditioning Association) speaks similarly to the benefits found in various research studies.  Benefits are seen in children as…

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