Some people, even some incredibly cut gym rats, still think they’re doing sports performance training when they curl and bench press. Sports Performance Training

No mirrors in this training facility

But there are some huge differences between working out or executing a fitness routine and sports performance training. The latter uses prescribed drills and exercises with one goal in mind–maximizing athletic potential.

It’s this targeted approach to physical and physiological progression that makes the difference. In sports performance training there is little to no static stretching. Instead, athletes warm up dynamically, incorporating functional movement. And the training sessions are so much more detailed. It’s not just lower body one day and upper the next.

Coaches vs. Personal Trainers

There are very specific protocols. So specific, in fact, that many times the coaches carry “cheat sheets” in their pockets. But that just proves how critical it is to deliver the training system the way it was scientifically designed. Each exercise or drill…

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