There’s no definitive list of great questions to ask on a campus visit, but here are some of the ones we like best:

  • What 5 adjectives generally apply to most students here?

  • How and how often do students and professors interact?

  • What are the identifiable groups or cliques on campus?

  • How do local non-college residents interact with students here?

  • What department seems to have most satisfied students? 

  • How common is it for students to voluntarily work collaboratively?

  • What surprised you—good or bad—about this school after you enrolled?

  • What have been some of the biggest controversies on campus in the past year?

  • What is the party scene like here, and what opportunities are available for people who aren’t big partiers?

  • If you had $5 million to donate to this school tomorrow, how would you earmark it?

  • Even if they could find academic success here, what kind of people would probably not be happy or fit in at this school?

  • What classroom format is most common? Is the teaching innovative, discussion- and project-oriented or is it mostly lecture-oriented?

  • Tell me about your worst or hardest day at this school. What made it difficult? How did you get through it?

  • Who are the four people you hang out with most? Where are they from, what do they study, how did you meet them, and what activities do they participate in on campus?