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Hi, my name is Coach Gil Moody, and would like to welcome you all to an ongoing series called: “College Recruiting”. To gain a better insight on this topic, I have reached out to several formal: High School Athlete’s that are currently playing collegiate sports or had played and now have graduated from college.  Below is one of these interviews.

Please welcome Michael Salazar

salazar 1

Height: 6’5
Weight: 308
Class: Senior
Hometown: Lawrenceville, N.J.
High School: The Hun School

High School/Club

Three-year letter winner at offensive and defensive tackle at The Hun School for Head Coach Dave Dudeck … First-Team All-Mid Atlantic Prep League performer at both offensive and defensive tackle as a senior … Selected to play in both the New Jersey North/South All-Star game and the Governor’s Bowl (a game featuring top players from New York vs. New Jersey) … Helped team to 9-0 record and the New Jersey Prep State Title and the Mid-Atlantic Prep League Championship as a senior … Finished senior season with 21 total tackles, five tackles for losses, a blocked kick and one interception returned for a touchdown … Named to First-Team All-Prep honors as an offensive lineman by the Trenton Times, Star Ledger and Princeton Packet … Trenton Times also selected him to Second-Team All-Prep Honors as a defensive lineman … Also a three-year letter winner as a member of the tennis squad ..

Q: What College are you currently attending or have graduated from? 

 A: The College of William and Mary

Q: What sports were you recruited for, and played in College? Did you play more than one sport in College?

A: I was recruited for football and only played football in college. 

salazar 2

Q: Did you play more than one sport in High School, and if so which sports were they?

 A: Yes actually I played football, tennis, and threw shot put

Q: What preparations did you take to research what colleges you were interested in? 

 A: everything depended based on who was recruiting me and those were the schools I made my decision from.

Q: Have you heard of College Board, and have you used it? Was it helpful in your college selection process?

 A: never heard of it. 

salazar 4

Q: What kind of advice did your coach and or guidance counselors give you about researching and selecting a college?

 A: coach told me to pick the school I could see myself at and choose the school that will help best to set my future up

Q: What advice did your parents give you to help throughout your college selection process?

A: just told me whatever school i chose they would support me and it had to be an academically sound school

Q: Were you under the impression that it was your coach’s responsibility to get you recruited? If so, where did you get that impression from?

 A: I knew my coach had a lot to do with recruiting and help bringing coaches to the school but honestly my school has a huge reputation for producing college football players so it wasn’t difficult for my coach. There would be somewhere between five to ten coaches a day recruiting us. I knew it was my responsibility to create a highlight tape. 

Q: Did you attend any college summer camps? How many did you attend, and do you believe that it help you get recruited?

 A: going into my senior year I attended four football camps and I do believe it helps you to get your name out there and to showcase your skills. If you are a good player you want to go to big-time school summer camps because there are many college coaches working the camp not just from that specific school

salazar 3

Q: Did your coach suggest that you attend college summer camps, and if so at what grade level did you start to attend?

 A: NO

Q: There several recruiting services, and combine services, have you tried any of them, and do you think that they were helpful?

 A: I was invited to the elite recruit combine in new jersey that showcases the best players from the east coast and at the time college coaches were allowed to go to the combine and watch the recruits but now they are no longer allowed to watch in person. It helped tremendously because i showcased my talents in front of at least 80 college coaches. 

Q: What did you do to help yourself get recruited, and would you recommend the same to others?

A: worked my tail off in high school and played my hardest to create a good name for myself

Q: What was the biggest surprise to you during the college recruiting process?

 A: How often college coaches lie to you about how great their school is and how you will play as a freshmen and once you get to the school you picked and start playing for them they don’t care the someway about you as they did when you were getting recruited. You go from their best friend to an employee. 

Thank you, Michael Salazar for sharing your college recruiting experiences with our readers. We would love to have you back to share what it is like to be a college athlete.

Coach Moody