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Hi, my name is Coach Gil Moody, and would like to welcome you all to my ongoing series on: “College Recruiting”. To gain a better insight on this topic, I have reached out to several formal: High School Athlete’s that are currently playing collegiate sports or had played and now have graduated from college.  Below is one of these interviews.

 Please welcome Melony Davis


Position: Forward
Height: 5-7
Class: Graduate
Hometown: Ashburn, Va.
High School: Stone Bridge, H.S.


 – 2007 Second Team All-Liberty District selection
 – Helped Stone Bridge to a 2005 Group AA State Championship  along with Radford teammate Alex Traughber
 – With her club team, RFC United, Davis was a key member in its 2005 WAGS Championship and runner-up finish at the 2007 Virginia State Cup 
 – RFC was also a finalist at the 2006 Disney Showcase and San Diego Surf Cup


 – Born on July 1, 1990 in New York, N.Y.
 – Daughter of Ava and Jeffrey Davis and has three siblings: Monica, Courtney and Chelsea 
 – Majoring in business management 

 Q: What College are you currently attending or have graduated from?

–       I graduated from RadfordUniversity

Q: What sports were you recruited for, and played in College? Did you play more than one sport in College?

–       Soccer, and No

Q: Did you play more than one sport in High School, and if so which sports were they?

–       Yes, basketball

Q: What preparations did you take to research what colleges you were interested in?

–       Before any big soccer tournament I would research what schools would be there and send the coaches emails prior. I also went on numerous college visits.

Q: Have you heard of College Board, and have you used it? Was it helpful in your college selection process?

–        Yes, and I didn’t really use it


 Q: What kind of advice did your coach and or guidance counselors give you about researching and selecting a college?

–       Not to rush the process, start early, and utilize all my resources.

Q: What advice did your parents give you to help throughout your college selection process?

–       To not just choose a school all my friends were going to, and really encourage me to branch out

Q: Were you under the impression that it was your coach’s responsibility to get you recruited? If so, where did you get that impression from?

–       No not at all

Q: Did you attend any college summer camps? How many did you attend, and do you believe that it help you get recruited?

–        Yes I did, not sure how many but I do believe they help to get recruited because you can build personal relationships, meet the players, and express you future goals


 Q: Did your coach suggest that you attend college summer camps, and if so at what grade level did you start to attend? 

–       Yes, I started my freshmen year in college

Q: There several recruiting services, and combine services, have you tried any of them, and do you think that they were helpful?

–       I didn’t

Q: What did you do to help yourself get recruited, and would you recommend the same to others?

–       To do your homework before big games/tournaments and stay in touch with the college coaches.

Q: What was the biggest surprise to you during the college recruiting process?

–       That you do actually have to put in work and time they don’t just flock to you unless you’re a top recruit coming out of your class 


Thank you, Melony Davis for sharing your college recruiting experiences with our readers. We would love to have you back to share what it is like to be a college athlete.


Coach Moody