So many of us have either experienced or have children that are currently experiencing the crazy world of trying to get recruited by a college to play sports. Not knowing is our biggest mistake, many of us assume that their coach is going to coordinate college scouts to come recruit your son or daughter, and make sure that their player stats and video is being seen by them.

We forget what is the responsibility of a high school coach? It’s to educate student athletes through participation in interscholastic competition. A high school coach can be employed in a full-time/part-time teaching position with a school or even a volunteer. By working with high school students interested in sports, a high school coach provides the necessary practice, support and advice for the individual athlete and the team to be successful against opposing teams in a sports season.


It is not a coach’s responsibility to advertise, promote, and or market, your son or daughter to colleges. If your coach is approached by a college recruiter and they are asking for player stats, information on the athlete and or game film, then a coach should be recording this historic data and should be able to provide this information to them.

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It’s the responsibility of the athlete and their parents. The athlete must practice and perform to their best ability to make sure that they are getting playing time. Once playing time has been established, then follow up with the coach to make sure that this time is being recorded. Next the athlete and parent must research colleges that you are interested in attending and create a list of D1,DII,and DIII schools. This can be done by registering on The College Board (

Once the list has been created, then go on to each college athletic recruiting page and fill out the recruiting questionnaire form so that your information is now in their recruiting database. This information is used by the college recruiter to track your high school sports progress, and to provide you with updated team news, and to invite you to their summer camps. This process should start during your high school freshman year.

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Now that you are on the college recruiter’s radar, and if you are having a successful high school career, they will reach out to your coaches if they are interested in you.

Good Luck,

Coach Moody