April 29, 2014 at 10:01am

Press Release


Announcing a new partnership between Gil Moody and WBGR Sports Network; Gil Moody new role will be as the Social Media Director, and will be responsible for overseeing the Company’s Social Media Strategy and Social Media team across all internal brands and platforms.


Coach Gil Moody brings a vast sporting knowledge due to his experience in Semi – Pro, High School football-Basketball, AAU, and youth league coaching.  Coach Moody is going into his 11th season football with VA Championship quality Stone Bridge H.S. Coach Moody has been involved with NFL youth camps and clinics throughout the United States.


Gil’s role is responsible for coordinating with the internal PR, Editorial, Marketing, Legal and Production Directors and Board Members to support the Company’s mission. The position involves ensuring that our social broadcasting is fully integrated with all other efforts across the Company’s portfolio, as well as managing the Central Social Media budget.


WBGR Sports Network (http://www.wbgrsports.com/) is an up and coming new media company with headquarters located in Maryland with media coverage all over the world. WBGR Sports Network provides the latest news in the sports world, starting at the High School level up to the Professional level, both men and women. We are committed to giving the athlete and the fan a better overall sports experience. There are many athletes in the world that are getting overlooked due to politics in the sports industry. It is our goal to even the playing field by giving public schools as well as junior college athletes a platform to tell their story.

You can follow and support Gil’s work on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WbgrSportsNetwork) and his weekly blog called “Coach Gil” (http://www.wbgrsports.com/html/about.php?psi=51)

WBGR Sports Network Management